Friday, August 8, 2008

Too cute for his own good!

Papa and Drew at their best!

Mr McGillicuddy

I just had to post these pictures before I sign off for the night.  We got Drew some "glasses" for his birthday as that is about his favorite thing in the whole wide world!  He LOVES to pull glasses off any face that comes close enough.  If you have whiskers or a beard too he might gravitate toward you with fascination!

Peyton calls himself Mr. McGillicuddy and even dons an accent.  We aren't sure where the accent came from but you really ought to hear him, it makes even the straightest faced person laugh!  The conversations you can have with him when he is Mr. McGillicuddy are even better!  He wears these every day now.


B said...

awww, i love those pics, they are so awesome!!!!

The Gamble Triplets said...

Hey guys!! Was so awesome to spend some time the other day with you, Drew, Mr. McGillicuddy and your parents, Kari.

Mr. Bumbles (aka Keegan) had a blast chatting with Mr. McGillicuddy and all the boys loved going crazy on the trampoline.

Kori and the Lovely Lisa said...

I hope to speak t Mr. Mgillicuddy some day. That is gold.
The Jones'

Nicole said...

Mr. McGillicuddy is histerical. I couldn't believe the accent when I talked with him last week! What a character.

Also, Jordan, I think that is the best face painting job I've ever seen. Can you come down for Lincoln's birthday next year?