Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Celebration of Drew's Heaven Birthday

September 28, 2009 - Miracle Beach, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Tears. Love. Sorrow. Joy. Ache. Gratefulness. Prayer. Desire.
God in all.
Love through all.

Peyton's idea - "for my Drew"

A heartfelt kiss for Drew bear - only a bear, but a representation of so much more. This is a replica of the bear that lay with Drew every night and lays with him still. I kiss the bear, not idolizing it, or thinking it could actually pose in some way as Drew, but as a way of capturing a moment where I can connect with my Heaven son. Drew, I miss you.

The strength of the Rock that holds my family.

The incredible healing touch of God through the life of a child - I'm forever grateful.

I never walk alone. Praise God!

I will love you forever Drew - you have left your handprint on my heart. My soul eagerly anticipates the day when I will get to see you again, by God's grace. Kisses for you Baby Boy.