Sunday, August 3, 2008

Changing things yet again...

Here we are, changing things up yet again.  It's 11:30 p.m. and I am sitting here waiting for the Dr. to call back to see if we are doing the right thing for Drew.  He is having stronger seizures tonight and they aren't letting up.  He normally (said loosely) has been having constant movement of the left arm, and left and right legs, with intermittent stronger seizures that usually only last about 1 1/2 minutes or so.  Tonight the stronger seizures haven't stopped.  We are not sure whether we should take him back to the hospital or not - this is where it gets really tough.  Are we making the right decisions?  What's normal?  What's ok?  When should we be concerned?  If we don't do something about this, is this a situation that could compromise him in some way?  What do we do?  ...Dr. just called back and we are going to give Drew an extra dose of one of his anti-seizure meds to see if that will help.  We tried one of his "emergency drugs" at 10:30 at the resident's direction, but it didn't make a dent.  We will now be waiting and watching for the next hour to see if this one helps - if not, it's off to the hospital again.  Anyway, this is just life at the moment in the Clark house.  I am certainly glad there is someone bigger watching out for us, but I sure don't understand why He doesn't fix things right away when we yearn for that solution so badly.  There is a reason, I just don't understand.  Please pray for our little Drew - he is doing so amazing in the midst of all this!  He isn't fussing at all!  We love him so much.  

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