Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Love my 3 year old!

I'm never quite sure what's going to come out of Peyton's mouth these days.  He makes me laugh every day.  He's beginning to give me a complex though - two times in the last week he has asked me about the baby in my tummy.  Don't get your hopes up - I am NOT pregnant!  I guess I need to do some work on my ab muscles though!  Ah, sweet honesty.  He made me laugh tonight too, not because of what he said, but rather what I said in relation to him.  I was talking to my dad on the phone while putting Peyton to bed.  Peyton was playing with some of his little plastic bugs and as I was talking I noticed him put one of the bugs in his mouth and start chewing on it.  I proceeded to play the good mommy role and said, "Peyton, please take the bug out of your mouth."  The phone went silent on the other end and all of a sudden I realized what I had said and how it must have sounded!  I'm sure Dad was wondering what in the world I am feeding my children!  We got a good giggle out of that.
The other thing that made me laugh today had a double side to it.  I was trying to get out of the house today (which only took me 2 hours to do!) and my two dear boys must have been in cahoots against me.  They must have known we were going to the mall!  We were out on the deck, and while I was feeding Drew, Peyton was puttering about in the back yard.  Before I realized what he was up to Peyton had the hose out and was watering the flowers at the back of the house.  I was rejoicing over having help watering the flowers I can't keep up with and then I noticed he was hauling the hose with all his 3 year old might over to the garage flower bed.  He went to the end where the drain spout is and set up the hose to make a river that would go about 20 feet down the length of the entire flower bed.  At this point I was just watching raptly to see what would come next.  He then went to find things to send down the river and proceeded to completely soak himself and cover himself in dirt.  So much for asking him to keep clean... boy - clean - huh?  Then he realized he had made a big puddle at the other end and decided it would be a good idea to jump in it!  Oy.  Now he noticed he was wet so he stripped his pants off and left them on the deck to dry (I just realized they are probably still out there!) while hollering that he needed some new ones.  Against my better judgment I decided to run in quickly and grab him some shorts.  I heard an odd noise from Drew on my way back out and peaked out the window to see why.  Peyton had put his sandbox bucket on Drew's head.  After groaning inwardly I asked Peyton to remove it and went running outside to intervene.  Drew in the meantime took things into his own hands and tried to remove the bucket;;;;, however, he got a little aggressive trying to get it off and got his fingers stuck in the NG tube next to his nose.  By the time I arrived on the scene (all of 15 seconds had passed) the tube was dangling out and Peyton was standing next to him pleading innocence.  Is it really worth it to get out of the house?  Does Peyton really need pants that will fit this winter?  Maybe I can get by by making him wear socks that match his pants in case they are a little short.  Hm.
The day closed off with a good cuddle.  We thought we had Drew down for the night at 8:00 and then I went on to get Peyton to bed while Jordan went to the hardware store.  After he was dressed and during the previously mentioned phone call he decided one of his bugs needed to climb up to try to touch one of his planets dangling from his ceiling.  Uh huh.  Oh boy.  He climbed up on the dresser and was on his way to climb up onto the basket of books on top of the dresser in an attempt to get an extra 8 inches so his bug could get to the planet.  Whose idea was it to hang the planets up?  Maybe we should start praying that we don't end up in the ER with a broken arm!  As a side note, I do not usually let him climb on the dresser, but again, curiosity as to what he was going to do next took over for the moment.  
After he finally got into bed I gave him a short cuddle and started to move away and he quickly reached for my hand, gave it a good tug and placed it on his tummy where he seemed to think it belonged.  After a couple sighs, he was out for the night.  
It was a good thing Peyton went to sleep so quickly - no sooner had I walked out and prepared Drew's meds than Drew decided he was ready to wake up for another couple hours.  I was so excited when I walked out of Peyton;'s room that both boys were down for the night.  Ha.  I should have known better!  Oh well, Drew's been good company while I've been doing this.  He's perfectly content tonight just to watch rather than play and has been chatting away at me!  What a sweety.

Better sigh (meant to write sign, but should maybe leave sigh!) off for the night, but have to say a quick thank you again to everyone praying for our family.  We have more hope and joy than I expected we would at this point.  There are hard moments, but lots of bright spots too.  I am sure that is due to our God intervening and pray He continues to do so.

Prayer updates:
Drew is eating solids again!  Thankful!  Pray he continues.
Drew's new anti-seizure med will take another 5 weeks or so to know if it will work - please pray it will!
We would like to see Drew recover some strength in his left side - he's real;ly not using it at all right now.
Please pray that we can find a routine that works for all parties quickly.  


The Loftis Family said...

Kari, got your blog address from Amy. Your little guys are so cute. Will be praying for you all and that things will work out for little Drew. It must be so hard...We will continue to pray for wisdom for you and the drs.

Nicola said...

He certainly is an entertaining little boy! Those were great stories!

Mark said...

Well, I've now decided. 1 kid is enough. :) Just kidding. I'm looking forward to Lincoln getting older and for him to have a brother or sister. Family is challenging but rewarding! Still praying for you guys.


Nicole said...

I can't believe it. Really, the water to sand story sounds like it was a tall tale written for a magazine. I am still shaking my head and laughing.

I'm praying particularly for your routine today. Love you,

Grandad and Grandad in Montana said...

I remember that river. It's just what an imaginative three year old needs. I was there on its first run. Who needs expensive toys...1 boy, 1 imaginative brain, add water and you should have an hour or two free..? right????

The Allens said...

We are praying for Drew, and all of you. Tim

Greg said...

Great to hear the everyday stories. . .you will love looking back on these and laughing.

Drew (and all of you, but especially Drew) has been in our prayers constantly.

Love from the Mathews family!

Jennie said...

You can't get any better than this for a 'baby book'. The boys are blessed to have you devote so much time to them and to tell such wonderful stories in writing. Liam often asks about Drew and says that he "hopes the 'pricklies' stop soon". We are thinking of you all constantly and I always look forward to your entries.

Jennie B