Sunday, March 8, 2009

Where is home?

I am sure you can guess by the title of this post where we are right now, but if you haven't guessed yet, we are back within the walls of the Children's Hospital. Peyton is training to be a nurse, and I needed another course on how to be a Mom Nurse so here we are. I am learning more about the gut than I ever would have chosen to know, but still only know enough to be dangerous. Fortunately Mom Nurses only need to know enough to make the owies better or to know when making the owies better is out of their control. Peyton on the other hand seems to get more and more fascinated with the medical field and has no problem watching someone get bloodwork done, etc. We asked him if he wanted to be a nurse or a doctor and so far he thinks he would rather be a nurse. I had to marvel this afternoon too when he actually stopped to wave at one of the "poking people."

On to the reason for the title - Peyton had another bowel obstruction last Wednesday. We had been home for less than 48 hours. The problems seem to be coming from the area where he had his bowel surgery done. The last two times he has had complications now it has been in that spot, likely due to the adhesions from the scarring. Anyway, he was again put on "drip and suck", an IV and an NG tube (nasal tube to the tummy) to drain his tummy in the hopes of releasing the pressure in his bowels to avert the possibility of another surgery. We decided to change his diet a little this time too, even though they say it has nothing to do with his diet. Hopefully this will work, but my mommy senses are tingling. His tummy is a bit bloated tonight and has been sore since this afternoon. Please pray that this will not be the start of another obstruction and that he will be ok tomorrow!

On the topic of prayers, please keep praying for our little friend Abby - I believe God is showing his love for her and answering your prayers. Pray for strength for her parents too; they are amazingly strong people, but are going through so much.
Please also pray for Peyton's emotional well being - he cried about Drew for 1/2 hour Friday, between a few sessions about how much he wanted to go home and how much his NG tube was bothering him. He misses him so much. He still has a very neat bond with Drew - he is quick to mention that he has a brother who is in Heaven and will tell you all about Drew at the first chance. I am thankful for the fact that this experience has made it easier to talk about Drew, in spite of the tears that might come with it. It has been a healing experience in many ways.
I would love to write more, but my bed (flat surface with pillow and blankets that might as well be a feather bed for all I know once I hit the pillow) is calling. Thanks again for all your support!


Melinda said...

I'm thinking of you tonight as you're snuggled in the hospital bed with Peyton. I'm so glad you've found such great doctors and nurses there who open their arms when they see you've returned. Saying prayers for quick recovery.

Anonymous said...

Respondinig in prayer for you and your family this morning Kari and Jordan. May an everpresent sense of the Spirit blanket you in peace.
In Him, Dwayne Corina Dixon

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for all of you. We are especially praying that Payton will soon be pain and blockage free.
It is a gift to get to know Drew through your memories. Thank you for continuing to share your heart with us.
May Gods face continue to shine upon you and may you see it clearly.
Love you,
Michelle Muirhead

Anonymous said...

We continue to think of you guys. Anything you need, please let us know. Even if it includes "let us be", lol.

Love you guys and hope this comes to a positive conclusion sooner rather than later.

Brandi said...

we're still talking with God each day about Peyton. Wow..he's such a strong fighter. I honestly don't understand what you're going through, but it struck me when you mentioned how strong Abby's parents are, because I think the same of you and your husband. If Peyton does grow up to be a nurse or doctor, it'll have been your influence during all of this! Know we're still praying.

Phoebe said...


I read this post after i sent that last email, sorry. so now i know what you've been busy doing. wow.'s still going. that is unreal. all i can do i pray for the Holy Spirit to move through you all. Love you lots. Phoebs

Davis Family said...

Thinking of you all daily!
Roberta & family

Anonymous said...

We are praying for the pain to go away and for Peyton to heal completely. May God continue to give you strength.
Love, Myles, Dana, Brenam and Abbey

dorinda said...

Kari, Jordan and Peyton,
You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. I know God is using you mightily in ways that we don't understand. We're praying that Peyton heals as quickly as possible. all our love,

Alison Ellis said...

Our Gideon's heart is full for your Peyton. He prays for his tummy to get better and for "Peyton's baby who lives with Jesus". And I pray for you all. Sending love,

Greg said...

Jordan, Kari and Peyton!

We have been praying for you thoughout each day and have been thinking of you almost constantly. What a roller-coaster! We pray that Peyton can be fully restored very soon and for continued strength for you all.

Caden prayed for Peyton tonight and then talked about the (rubber) snake that Peyton got at Disney World near the Aladdin ride. Such an innocent time. . .I hope Peyton can return to those days soon.

-Greg, Misty, Caden, Emery, Addison and Harper Mathews