Sunday, March 1, 2009

IV poles have wings... ?

Ready, set, GO! I finally made a deal with Peyton that he had to tell me when he was going to start running. We are back to the point that I am working to keep the IV pole up with Peyton. There were a couple of close calls today (Sunday) and we barely averted a crisis a couple times! I decided I could try to slow him down, or I could enjoy every second of him trying to regain his grip on boyhood and all that means. I would rather keep up than squelch that; as such, I kept my eyes peeled for any indication of movement whenever he stopped to catch his breath. It must have looked a little funny to see Peyton carreening down the hallway with his little reindeer slippers on, holding his left arm protectively close to his body, head tipped to the left to protect his NG tube from pulling, football jersey on with tubes attached and askew, and Mom and an IV pole going at frightening speed as close behind as possible yet far enough away to avoid catching his heels or crashing into him upon a sudden stop. He needs flashers and indicators. Do they make those for little boys?

Peyton is doing very well today and it appears the partial obstructions due to the adhesions are working their way out. We are thankful. He is back to blue popsicles and juice today, although he seems to have had enough apple juice that he can take no more so we are avoiding that. We will see soon enough if he can tolerate fluids and then hopefully we will be able to progress to solids. We are sneaking food in for ourselves when he's sleeping or eating in the hallway right now because he wants anything that he sees us eating. I guess I would rather have him asking than not, but it feels worse than eating in front of a big-eyed puppy doing his best "please feed me" look!  Dinner at 9:00 p.m. and breakfast grabbed bite by bite on the sly will work for a day or two but I am looking forward to eating family meals at a normal hour!

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