Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our sunbeam flows gently back to its Source

It is with both sadness and joy that we write to tell you all that Drew has returned to his Maker.  What a journey it has been over the last 4.5 months.  We have dearly valued every day with our little wonder and though we were so sad to watch him go we were also relieved in a way to see him peaceful and know he was no longer enduring his battle.  We kissed his fuzzy little head, held his hands and drenched him in tears at 12:18 p.m. today as he took his last breaths.  His daddy and I were there holding him tight as he drifted peacefully away, surrounded by our love.  The doctors said Drew was not aware of his surroundings but I will always think he was aware of us loving him, and that he was escorted by the hand to Heaven today.  We mourn but are peaceful at the same time - how odd one can feel in the midst of this.  

We have experienced more than we thought possible in the last few weeks.  From the time of our last post we were told Drew had actually stabilized and could perhaps be around for a few more months.  It seemed he had reached a plateau and was doing alright - a relative term.  He was asleep most of the time and when he was awake he didn't seem to look at us, but through us.  His senses were going, and his autonomic nervous system began to fail more quickly.  He seemed to enjoy a few long baths and his music therapy, and to relax with snuggles, but he was definitely not the same Drew as even the one we brought in to the hospital two and a half weeks ago.  He no longer seemed to have much sense of touch and little we did by mid-week elicited a response.  I think Jordan and I knew he was on a mission to depart sooner than later, in spite of what the doctors were estimating early last week.  It went so quickly and by Thursday he was in a coma.  He had stopped seizing which was a blessing in a way - he looked so relaxed.  
Friday was difficult - we were again presented with some difficult decisions about his future.  Did we want to cut back his nutrition and just let him start to go slowly?  His brain was very ill, but his body still seemed to be functioning well.  Did we want to continue to support his body?  They thought he would be comfortable as he was apparently completely unaware of anything we were doing to him, but we were having a hard time with the idea of not feeding him.  It seemed we would be taking the role of God in deciding when he should go in a way.  We thought through every angle we could and still didn't feel comfortable with it.  We prayed about it that day and prayed that God would either make the decision apparent or decide it for us.  Little did we know how quickly God would respond.  He is faithful.  
We spent every hour possible with Drew over the last week, even sleeping beside him all night long ("sleeping" said loosely - I don't think hardly a sigh or a visit from a nurse went unnoticed!).  Last night we took him out for Chinese... we put him in his kidcart and escorted by his oxygen tank and his feeding pump we went down to the cafeteria for Chinese takeout with our whole family.  We made a pretty good parade, all we needed was candy to throw!  What a special experience.  The nurses got a real kick out of it too - Drew has made so many special friends.  
Jordan got some special cuddles last night and I was awake with him alot of the night, trying to keep his little feet and hands warm.  I knew better, but that was the only thing I could do for him, besides snuggling in close.  By morning we knew something was different and called the family in.  We were blessed to have them nearby when Drew returned to God.  I held him for 3 hours this morning, as close as I possibly could and loving every second.  What a gift.  He will warm my heart forever.
Thank you to everyone who has prayed so diligently for Drew and our family through this time - please continue to support us as we transition to this next stage.  We have gently closed one chapter but until we have more answers about what Drew's disease was we will not yet be able to close the book.  We yearn for your prayers that God will be in our midst powerfully, that He will comfort and guide our family - immediate and extended, that we will be able to get some answers on what his disease was and that as difficult as it is that it will be one that affects Drew only.  That is so hard to say, but my heart aches to think of it affecting anyone else.  If this experience has taught me anything it is that we must be so much stronger than we think we are!  It's amazing how much strength we found through a simple little kiss on Drew's fuzzy little head!
As we left the hospital this afternoon without Drew it had to be the hardest part yet.  The last kiss I left with him was both heartwarming and enlightening.  It was not our Drew that we kissed, yet with the last kisses, it felt we could leave his body there and continue on without his flesh, but with his spirit.  He is in a better place and we are aware of a sense of peace about his departure.
As you read this, we hope and pray that none of you will feel discouraged by Drew's passing.  We want his life to bring encouragement about God's faithfulness to those that knew Drew.  It would mean so much more to us to know that Drew's life made a positive difference.  He has certainly changed our lives.  Through everything that he was faced with he still smiled.  He learned to play through his seizing movements, to laugh when he got a reprieve, to love in spite of being wronged (too many pokes!), and to smile through it all.  He warmed everything in his path and turned our faces towards God.  If only I could do so with the same spirit and innocence!  What I wouldn't give to have my dear little Drew healthy and here... oh what I wouldn't give.  My heart will ache, but better to have known him and loved him than to have never known him.

Thank you for all your encouraging comments, we are sorry we don't get to respond to them all.  We will continue checking and trying to post updates.  Thank you even more for your  continued support!  We love you all!


Emily Hougland said...

Dear Jordan and Kari - we praise God that Drew is nestled in the Heavenly Father's arms - forever - what a blessing for a parent to KNOW his little one is now nurtured by God eternally - just waiting for your arrival in the distant future - he'll be there, no doubts, no wondering, no fears, no tears - as much as your heart is breaking, I hope that you can soon take complete joy in knowing where Drew is spending eternity. Forget closure - you will think of him and long for him and grieve for him and miss him forever, and that's OK - I don't think God ever expects us to "get over" something like this - you just learn to cope on a day to day basis and breathe and live the best life you can in honor of your beloved Drew - we pray that God will comfort you all - we're here to help you in any way we can - and for you, now and forever, blessings....

Love, Skip and Emily

Melinda said...

Kari & Jordan,
You have been in my thoughts and prayers constantly this past week. I was so sad to hear the news today...but also thankful that Drew is no longer suffering and is now sitting in Jesus' lap. What a joyful thought. Your strength and perspective just amazes me. Thank you for being such good parents to Drew. God knew what He was doing when He chose your house for Drew to be a guest in. May God comfort you now.
In deepest sympathy,

Jason and Leigh-Ann said...

Jordan & Kari,
We love you guys very much. It is difficult to put in words our emotions at this time. You have been heavy on our hearts and minds ever since this ordeal started and especially today as we learned of Drew's passing shortly after it happened. There was a strange feeling of peace with us as we knew Drew's suffering had finally come to an end and that he was now in a better place. However, we realize that as this chapter comes to a close the next chapter will have it's own set of struggles and pain. Please know that we are are here for you all the time and will do anything to help out. We will continue to pray for you as you move on and cope. We look forward to seeing and hugging you both very soon.

God Bless and love,
Jason & Leigh-Ann

Dallas said...

Jordan and Kari, It is through tears that I express my sympathy. Your words are an encouragement and uplifting. To know that Drew is sitting in heaven, healed and whole, is a beautiful thought. I will be praying for your family, especially for you two and Peyton. Thank you for sharing Drew with us and for sharing your hearts! Dallas Henderson

the Clarke 6 said...

Dear Jordan and Kari, we have not seen you for awhile, yet through this you have not left our minds. We have been praying for all of you , for God to grant the strength to endure. Our heats are with you and long for the day we can all be togther in heaven and get to know Drew. We are here for you , what ever you might need. We love you guys and ask God to grant you comfort you now.

love Curtis & Mandy.

Aisling said...

Jordan & Kari, God has true & faithful children in you. Your strength is amazing and your love & faith in Him is powerful. We mourn with you, but we will cherish the times we got to hold Drew, play with him, and watch him smile. Keegan told us tonight after we prayed for you, Peyton and Drew, now at God's side, that he was very sad that Drew was in heaven, but as he and Josh & Connolly grow, knowing Peyton, they will learn that sadness is temporary, but the joy and blessing Drew has brought on us and so many will live forever. We love you guys.

Aisling & Steve

Hope said...

My heart has been with you all day long. I am picturing Drew sitting with God and enjoying everything, pain free. Your faith comes to life for me as I read your words and I am inspired and comforted. We are all here for you and anything you need is yours at the drop of a hat. We love your family so!
Love, Hope and Darcy

Steve said...
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Steve said...
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Steve said...

Praise Jesus! I have often struggled with the passage about our "faith moving mountains", thinking only of a healing for Drew in a situation like this. However, knowing the affect the Clark & Staples families have had on all of us, not to mention the medical staff involved with Drew, and countless readers of this blog, I now understand that this "moving mountains" business relates much more to moving souls closer to God. Kari, Jordan & Peyton, you have truly shifted the Rockies in this regard!! We will miss Drew, but are also joyful as you are that he is with the greatest admirer of children, and no doubt garnering plenty of our Lord's attention tonight!

Love you so much!! Stephen

Aimee said...

Dear Kari, Jordan, and Peyton,
You don't know me (I work with Dennis at MSU and used to work with Marnie a few years ago) but I have been following your blog for quite some time.
My heart sank and the tears came when I read your post today. I am so very sorry for your loss. Though I never met little Drew I feel as though I have through your touching and heart felt posts and the special gift of your favorite photos...and Dennis' pride in all his grandchildren. It's a time of so many mixed emotions but please know that Drew and all of you have touched so many hearts including my own.
My heart, thoughts, and prayers are with all of you and will be for quite some time to come and a little peice of Drew's spirit will live on in all those of us whose lives he touched...even from a distance.

John, Angie and the kiddos said...

We love you guys, grieve for the passing of Drew and that we can't be there for you. You are quite right though, his short life will change many lives for the long term. He's changed Angie and my life as we recognize even more the importance of LIVING each day to the full, especially our days with our kids. See you in the new year!

All our love,

John and Ang

Becky said...

Jordan and Kari - I'm so grateful to be a part of God's family and especially a part of yours. You are both lights to me with the faith and strength you have shown through all of this. My heart is aching for you now but rejoicing that Drew is with God and is at peace. I love you dearly and have been thinking of you day and night.
Peace be with you.

sacha said...

Hi Jordan and Kari - I have never met Drew but was kept inform of what was happening to him and your family every step of the way from a family member who attends Church with you.
I am sorry for what you all are going though. I can't amagine what it would feel like. I commend you for your strength, that I would not have.
Your family will be in my thoughts and prayer.
All the best to you,
Sacha Dooley (Salloum) and family

Sarah said...

May God bless your family and heal your hearts.

Leslie Echols said...

Jordan and Kari-
Thank you for sharing your precious Drew with us and his story. I sit here crying and trying to find the words of comfort to write. I know our Heavenly Father offers the most comfort to us all in this time. Your faith and attitude during this trial have been a true example of a God-centered life. We will be praying and thinking of your sweet family.

In Christ,
Leslie Daniel Echols and Family

erinlo said...

Jordan and Kari- Our hearts are aching with you. What a beautiful post and we are so amazed at your faith! We have prayed continually for a "peace that passes all understanding".

We went on a walk with our kids last night and told them that Drew had gone to be with Jesus. (They have prayed a LOT for Drew!) When we told them, they said, "Drew gets to play with Jesus now? Wow!" Selah said, "I bet he's swinging with Jesus." Jeff and I could hardly hold the tears back. But, it was a great picture. Drew, free from all his suffering, playing with his Maker.

In the short time we've known you guys, we have come to love you so much! We love that Peyton, too and want you to know that we, also, are here for you if you ever need anything.
Love, Erin

Richard said...

I love you guys. Our prayers are with you and your family.

Texas Staples said...

Kari & Jordan,

Our hearts ache for your loss, but we all know sweet little Drew is at peace with Jesus. Your strength is amazing and has touched us more than you could ever know. Please know that we are sending hugs via Kevin. We love you and wish we could be there with you to celebrate this little angel's life.

In HIS grip,
Randy, Mary, Ethan & Jeremiah

Bruce and Beth Buckner said...

Jordan & Kari,
Our hearts are heavy for you, not for Drew, for he is now peacefull and complete... but for you we mourn. He is sure to be playing w/ our Truman as I sit here writing, thinking of what to say that might ease your pain a little...nothing will help much. Thank you for letting us into your life w/ Drew through your words. We will keep up w/ how you are doing through Dennis & Marnie. Know that you will experience a wide range of responses over the next months...just kinda go w/ it, whether it be laughs or tears, anger or depression, we all respond in a different manner. We will continue to pray for you all. Bruce
"The mind has a dumb sense of vast loss - that is all. It will take mind and memory months and possibly years to gather the details and thus learn and know the whole extent of the loss."
Mark Twain

Melissa said...

It's at times like these that we wish there was something we could say or do to take away this earthly pain and heartache. However, we know that we won't truly experience that complete joy and happiness free of sorrow until we are in heaven with our Savior. Praise God that Drew is able to experience that today! Please know that my heart goes out to your entire family. You guys are in my prayers.

Also know that your faithfulness has been a great example and source of encouragement to many around you!

In Him,
Melissa Reeves (friend of Kevin and Laura)

Tiffany said...

Your family is my prayers. There are no words I can say right now, but, know that I am praying for you. The words you have written over the last few months have been an encouragement to me. I will continue to pray for your entire family.

Tiffany (friend of Kevin & Laura)

Reece, Rachel, Abby, Laureli, and Cariana said...

I talked with Abby last Monday about how Peyton's little brother might be going to live with God soon. She sobbed for a long time and said, "But his mommy and daddy will miss him so much!" I told her that we would all miss Drew but that God would take good care of him and make him happy and well. I also told her that we'll get to see Drew again one day when we go to live with God. Abby was pretty sad for the rest of the day, but on Tuesday, she came up to me with a big smile on her face and asked excitedly, "When does baby Drew get to go see God?"

It's so good to know that Drew isn't gone forever -- he's just waiting for you, cuddled tightly in the arms of his Heavenly Father.

Love and prayers,


JJM said...

Jordan and Kari,
Well done. Such faith. Such dignity. Such grace. Inspired by you and incredibly proud of you!

Gabbin' with Giff said...

May you feel God's strong arms around you as I continue to pray for your family.

Stephanie said...

Jordan and Kari - I have been checking your blog daily since I heard how sick Drew was. I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet boy. I pray that the Lord will give you comfort in the days, weeks and years ahead. Many from all over the world are praying for you.

Stephanie (Citty) Schwieter

The Harper Family said...

Jordan and Kari....yesterday my husband preached a longer than usual message. Usually we are done and out by noon but this message went a little over. I kept checking my watch and checking my watch (that's what pastor's wifes do!). Finally at about 12:15 he closed and asked for special prayer. It was at this time that our whole congregation went to the Lord for Drew and your family. My heart nearly burst this morning when I read the update. Then I noticed the time of his promotion to heaven. I would like to think that God was listening at that time and giving you and your family extra comfort during this pain. Many more prayers are going up for you. Drew is in a place we should all yearn to be. With lots of love and prayers.
Lori Harper

Greg said...

Jordan, Kari, Peyton -

We have been praying faithfully for Drew (and each of you) since we learned about his condition. We are so sad that he has passed, but are so thankful that God was with you and Drew through it all and even now.

We will continue to pray for you all and send our love your way.

My mind keeps drifting back to Disney World at that one restaurant right before we all had to leave. I was able to hold Drew for about 10 minutes and enjoy his company. He was very sweet and playful.

We love you all.

-Greg, Misty and family

Lisa said...

I've checked your blog daily since I first read your story. My heart sank when I read your post. I cannot begin to imagine the pain this must bring, but at the same time the comfort of knowing he's in a better place! Drew's story has reached many people. It's touched me in a very special way, to not take for granted any givin moment with my baby boy, whether he's in a good or bad mood, feel blessed that God has givin the opportunity of a lifetime, to be a Mother. May God be with you through this difficult time, & times to come.


Amy Mccathran said...

My heart is so very sad for you all today. I know your sweet Drew is resting happily in the arm of God this morning and what an image that is! I just want you to know we will continue lifting you up before the Lord through the coming weeks and months. Your faith is so amazing to me and I know will encourage so many others for a very long time.

With love and tears,
Amy (Stump) McCathran

JGard said...

Jordan & Kari,
My heart hurts for both of you at this time. I learned of Drew's sickness through my son, Chad, Jordan's freshman roommate at Harding. I know this will be a difficult time for you. My prayer will be for our Lord to give you courage and understanding in the days ahead.
Jack Gardner

Kerrie said...

Kari, Jordan and Peyton,

There are no words to express how we feel, nor to help ease your pain. I am thankful that our lives were blessed by knowing little Drew. I will always remember how he lit up when Ryan and I came to visit him - how he smiled and played despite it all - he will be missed.
Kari, you were there to support me with my little Ryan - thank you. I believe God knew that I needed to meet you, to meet your family, and to share your journey with little Drew. Our lives are forever changed by knowing your beautiful family. Your strength, courage and faith are inspiring, and we thank you for sharing your pain and struggles; your words, Kari, touch our hearts so deeply. Through so many tears I have thought of you all and prayed. We continue to pray for your family during this difficult time.
Love to you all,
Kerrie, Drew, Dylan and Ryan

Chris & Martha West said...

Jordan, Kari, and Peyton,

You all have been in our diligent prayers since the summer. We have shared tears with you throughout this journey. Although it is bittersweet, Drew is blessed to be back in the loving hands of his Creator - in which we long to see him someday! Martha and I have been humbled as we are in awe of your faith - Your faith is such a compelling testimony to the love and reflection of Christ!

Continue to share God's love through Drew's life. He will continue to touch lives - as he has ours. We will continue to pray for you.

We love you!
Chris, Martha, and Nora West

Beth Hinebauch said...

Dear Kari and Jordan,
We are so sorry for the pain you are going through but know the peace you also feel knowing your precious baby is free from pain and in the presence of our Loving Father. I wish I could tell you words that would heal your heart--but they aren't there. All I can tell you (from our experience) is that somehow the sun comes up every morning. Somehow you keep on breathing. The things, and people, that were important before are still important. Some days your pain may not seem as sharp and you'll remember the happy times more than the sad. Other days, even months or years from now, you'll feel the pain as sharp as it is today and you might wonder how you'll survive. But, you will. You have a loving family that will grieve with you as they support you. But, more importantly, you have a loving Heavenly Father who is there already wrapping his love around you and reassuring you that your beautiful Drew is "Home" and perfect in every way. Cling to each other as you cling to God's love and make this journey together. I pray you feel the love that is coming your way from near and far. We will continue praying for your whole family.
Love, Steve & Beth

Kim Silva said...

Dear Jordan, Kari, and Peyton,
You probably don't remember me--I am a member of the Bozeman church and a great fan of Dennis and Marne. The church here in Bozeman has been praying fervently for your family for the last several months, and especially yesterday during the church service. Little did we know that Drew was reaching out his little hand to God at very same time that we were collectively reaching out to Him, shedding tears and begging God for an answer on behalf of Drew. Praise God for his faithfulness and for His amazing love for Drew! May the same arms that now hold Drew also be your special comfort during this time of transition. In His love, Kim Silva

Shawnda said...

I'm amazed at the grace and peace from Jesus that is evident in your post as I grieve your loss with you! May He continue to give you grace unmeasured! We will continue to pray for your family.

April said...

Kari, Jordan, Peyton and Staples Family,

I am so sorry, but like you said he is now in heaven and im sure very content. Your family is such a wonderful example for the rest of us when it comes to your faith. When i lost my brother last year, i was no where near as mature nor capable of dealing with him leaving us. I am so saddened yet so proud of you all in how you have managed to stay so positive and continuously turning to God. You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers for some time. We love you all!!
Jon & April Wilhelm

Amy Rapp said...

Kari and Jordan,
Words cannot express how sorry I am at your loss. At the same time, knowing that your precious angel is with God, happy, healthy, & safe makes this bittersweet. You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Remember to look to God for comfort.

Love & Prayers,
Amy Rapp(Hinebauch)

Lindy said...

Thankyou for your amazing faith through this journey, what a blessing to get to spend so much time with drew at the end. You all will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers, The Carr family

Jennifer and Rich Starkey said...

Simply said, God Blas you. Or rather, I think he already has!

suellen said...

Dear Kari and Jordan,
We are so sorry...and yet we know he is in a wonderful place. We have been praying for your family so much the last week. I want you to know that Drew and your family have definitely taught us so much about faith and love. I have been amazed at the strength and courage that God has blessed you with. Your love has come through with each word you shared through your blog. Drew was not only a blessing to you but to us as well. We will continue to pray that God will provide you with answers soon.
Thank you both for sharing your lives with us. We can't wait to be able to give you all a hug.

Bill and Suellen

Chad Gardner said...

Jordan and Kari, I love you guys and know that the power of prayer is going to protect you and comfort you during this time. Your family has been lifted up in prayer numerous times and by thousands of people over the past weeks and we'll continue praying for you all. Chad

Tara, Jeff + girls said...

Jordan, Kari + Peyton,

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. There are no words to express how sad we are for your extreme loss. May God wrap his arms around you and give you comfort when your own arms ache for Drew.
Drew's short life has made a significant impact in the lives of all who knew him, and your Godly example and demonstration of faith is an inspiration and example to us all. We love you guys.
Jeff & Tara

sallie said...

Your post was the most faith-filled, peaceful message I've ever read. My heart aches for you and your family and rejoices with Drew as he must be safely resting with our Father now. You're story will be shared and Drew's name will live on.

Love you,
Sallie Chase

Jan H said...

Dear Jordan, Kari and Peyton,
As the sun set on Drew's earthly journey, the Son was there to greet the perfect Drew into his eternal home with God. What a blessing it is to know that this world is not our home, but a beautiful Heavenly home awaits us. You will continue to be in our prayers as you transition back to home and spending time together as a family away from the hospital. We love you and may Drew's sweetness comfort you during this difficult time. Love, Jan and Erv

One Hale of a Story... said...

Jordan and Kari- my heart is broken for you and your family. What a beautiful testimony and tribute to your precious baby boy. There are no words I can say... just know you are loved and our family will be praying for yours!

Laurie and Colby said...

Jordan and Kari,
We have been following Drew's journey over the last few months. We have been so grateful for your blog, in part because it meant that we could stop asking Nicola to recount the difficult details of Drew's illness, but also because of its beautiful stories and lessons. Thank you for being generous enough to share your love and strength and for having the courage to share your pain. At times it may seem hard to believe that someone, who was on this earth for such a short time, could leave such a mark, but we want you to know that Drew's story has made us better parents to our little girl. His life will forever make her life better. We will continue to think of you and pray for you and your families.
With our deepest sympathy and gratitude,
Laurie and Colby Bell

AlePancha said...

Hope you find peace in your hearts. I have been deeply touched by Drew's story. What a beautiful baby boy.

You are in my prayers.

Janeen said...

Kari and Jordan - thanks for sharing - I am saddened by your loss of Drew - but yes he is in a better place. I will be keeping your family in my prayers.
Janeen Hultgren

Leslie said...

Your family is in our prayers, we pray that you have the strength to make it thru this next stage. Please continue to share Drew's story, he has touched so many peoples lives and I know he will continue to do so.
God Bless you.

jennifer said...

Kari and Jordan-
Our hearts break for you guys with the loss of the most precious little boy and we rejoice that he is sitting with Jesus. We will continue to pray for you and your family during this time.

Jennifer, Matthew, and the girls

The Giles Family said...

Jordan & Kari,

There are no words that can express how sorry we are at your loss. I look at my own daughter, just one year old this very day, and am overwhelmed by the love I feel for her. The pain you must be feeling is beyond my ability to imagine but I know that your lives will be forever brightened for having known your beautiful boy. We shared your joy in his birth, we share you grief at his loss, we share your eternal gratitude for having known this wonderful child even for the briefest of moments.

Our deepest sympathy,

Calvin, Amy, and Emma Giles

Carolyn Wesley said...

Dear Kari, Jordan & Peyton,
Your words are inspiring and uplifting to us all. We cherish that we got to play with Drew at Disney World. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always. May God give you peace and comfort always.
Much love, Carolyn, Bryan and Alyssa Wesley

Anonymous said...

Kari and Jordan,
My heart aches for you, but what a blessing to know that little Drew is with the Lord, in peace, where he will forever know happiness. You are all in our prayers that you can find comfort with God.
Jeff, Ashley, Gunnar & Soren Landsgaard

Kendra Vance said...

God bless you and keep you in this time of need..find comfort in each other and know that Heaven just got another little angel who is looking down upon us all.

Kate and Jon said...

I love you, Kari. I am praying for you.
Kate Denman

Demian said...

Dear Jordan and Kari,

Our hearts ache for all of you and your journey has genuinely touched our lives. Your words are touching and inspiring. Drew's life has touched so many people and he has helped us to see what is important and meaningful in our lives and with our family. God will give you strength to make it through this next journey. Your family is in our prayers.

Demian, Billy, Riley & Dylan in CO

Tyler said...

i love you guys. thank you for your example. you are thought of often.


Stephanie said...

Our hearts go out to you. Praise God for His faithfulness to you through this difficult season. We have prayed for you and your family and will continue to do so, trusting that God will fill your hearts with all of His peace and comfort.
from Colorado

Mel, Scott & Cadence said...

You have constantly been on our minds and hearts for the last number months. We ache with you at this time and are humbled by your strength, faith and love during whole rollercoaster ride. Drew really has touched so many lives - what an angel!

May God give you comfort, peace and strength.

Hugs to all of you,

Mel & Scott

laura said...

Jordan and Kari, there are no words, but please know that you are being lifted up in prayer moment by moment and that we are trusting the Spirit to intercede on our behalf on petitioning our Father for your every need! God bless you, Peyton, and your families!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jordan, Kari and Payton,
You have been on our hearts for a long time. Please know that our prayers have been with you.
As I read the love that you share with us by allowing us to know Drew, I am overwhelmed by the spirit of God. That is what I am reading, God through you. I can see God wrapping his love and peace around you as he carried Drew home. I know this is not something that God caused or wanted you all to have to face but he will use it for his glory. I know he already has in the lives that Drew has touched. I am changed because of you.
We continue to pray for your family.
Mike and Michelle Muirhead

Anonymous said...

Kari & Jordan,

I am sitting here at work crying my eyes out, not in sadness but in gratefulness to our Father for the faithfulness, grace and strengh that you have displayed through Drew's illness and passing. You are very special people in our lives and we thank God that he has ministered to you through the people who love you and through those that Drew touched during his illness. Our God is a mightly God and he has been glorified through this. You are good and faithful servants. May God continue to care and bless you as you grieve.

In Him,

Steve & Karen Butel

chris becker said...

Dear Jordan and Kari;
It was so good to see you at Church of Christ when I visited but was so saddened to hear of your loss. It was such a mixed blessing of a day because later that night my sister gave birth to a baby boy. They named him Peyton which I thought was pretty unique until I learned what your little boy's name was. Maybe the two Peyton's will become friends and God will bless them both.
With love;

Chris Becker