Thursday, April 2, 2009

too tired to write...

We are doing alright - actually, better than I expected, but my brain is overwhelmed tonight so I will try to update you all later.  Thanks for your prayers - please continue.  Some days the information, or lack thereof, is more than I think I can bear.  I often think it would be so much easier to just miss Drew and not to have to deal with all these other things.  I am sure that what doesn't break me will make me stronger, but I'm not sure the timeframe on that!

Thanks again to everyone reading - your support is invaluable.


Melinda said...

I am amazed at God's work in your life and can only imagine what he must have planned for you in the future...He sure trusts you to remain faithful in Him and you are in deed doing that!

Praying for peace,

Anonymous said...

All of us are standing behind you and quietly "propping" you up. We continually pray that all your answers, for Drew and for Peyton, will be revealed clearly so you may move forward in your plans for a healthy family future!! (Which I feel means more children in one way or guys are great parents to Drew, Peyton, and whoever else becomes a part of your future)!!

In regards to your summer fundraiser in Drew's honour, please allow Sylvan to donate some prizes or items for a silent-auction!

See y'all soon!


Svetlana said...

Hi, I would love to donate a family photo session for your fundraiser, Kari! Please let me know the details!!

Brenda said...

Peyton was such a treasure in class on Sunday and Drew was smiling from the fridge when I got home. Loving you from a distance ... always. I am praying you get some answers to bring peace for your heart and soul.

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder that there are continued prayers for your family here in Helena! We love you.
Karen C

Anonymous said...

Hi Kari,
I have been thinking about you a lot this past week so wanted to write a note to let you know I am praying for you. I'm praying for peace and for God to wrap His arms around you and hold you tight. All of you.We are off to our daughters in Sherwood Park for the weekend. Blessings, Shirley

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing your story. I had no idea of the history with Drew and what your family has been through (and are going through).

I am glad you warned me to get a box of tissues before logging on to your site. My heart goes out to your family. You both seem like very strong people and as you know, you don't have a choice.

All the best.