Friday, April 17, 2009

Apology for not writing sooner... complicated!

Here I am apologizing once again.  I cannot afford the time to write a longer post right now, but wanted to let everyone know why we have not yet updated the blog with our most recent information.  
Peyton is back in the hospital and has been for over a week now.  He will be undergoing surgery on Tuesday next week (April 21).  He is most likely going to have a piece of bowel removed.  I will post more on that when I get a chance to sit here for more than a minute.  We are doing alright and Peyton is upbeat right now, but please don't tell him he's going to have surgery - we haven't crossed that bridge yet - gotta find the directions for that!  


Anonymous said...

We have you in our prayers and will continue to pray for Paytons' full recovery. God bless you all.

Delanie said...

Praying for you always. Will think of you on Tuesday and hope all goes well! God Bless
Love Delanie and Family

Davis Family said...

We will pray for you guys, Peyton and the doctors who care for him.
Love the Davis bunch

The Pakosz Crew said...

No apologies necessary! You are going through so much, and we appreciate what you are able to give. You be there for you and yours right now, and don't put too much guilt on yourself about the rest of us! Just get through this day, and worry about tomorrow when it comes. Our prayers are that a time is coming that won't have much worry at all.
We love you,

Aisling said...

As Ronni said, no apologies are ever necessary. We love you guys, we pray for all of you daily, for strength, for peace, for wisdom for comfort. We will take time out with the boys on Tuesday for a special prayer for Peyton.

Love you lots.

Anonymous said...

Good decision, for as much I know, lol! We will pray that everything goes smoothly and that one "bad piece of bowel" removed will solve this once and for all!!

Love you guys, keep us posted when you have time.....will pop some goodies in your mailbox this weekend to keep you going over the next few days leading up to and following the "thingy"...(just in case Peyton can read this).


Anonymous said...

Our Love and prayers go with you.
God bless you,
Chuck&Sandy Graden

Svetlana said...

I have you in my heart always! Pray that the surgery goes well!

Kerrie said...

Thoughts and prayers are with you always. Missed seeing you today - by merely minutes I understand! Great to hear Peyton is in good spirits and hoping he had a good time at the gym. What a little trooper - Mom said he looked really cute with his face all done up - glad he can still be a kid with everything he has had to go through.
We too will take time for a special prayer for everyone on Tuesday. Know I think of you every day.
Love Kerrie and Family