Saturday, October 4, 2008

Beyond words...

We are absolutely overwhelmed (OVERWHELMED!) by the amazing outpouring of love we witnessed yesterday!  There is nothing we can possibly say to describe how much it meant to us to see everyone that was able to participate in our celebration of Drew yesterday.  I don't think we have ever felt the depth of emotions and witnessed so much love in one place!  We could never say thank you enough to everyone who attended, or to those who supported us from a distance yesterday.  Jordan and I were so surrounded in peace yesterday - I wasn't sure how the day would proceed but never once were we overwhelmed by grief.  We were however overwhelmed by an amazing awareness of God's goodness and a contentment that Drew is so much better now.  Oh, my heart will ache and does even at this moment, but I know we will never be apart from the love of God, and that in spite of time and distance, Drew will always be a special part of our lives.  
We have to say thank you to everyone who came out yesterday - "thank you" feels inadequate.  As unaware of it as we were at the time, we later realized some had waited in line to express their care and concern for over an hour!  How could people care this much?  We will never forget that, and again, there is no way to thank everyone enough.  Thank you also to everyone who helped make that day so meaningful.  Jason and Nicola, that video that so wonderfully portrayed the joy our little Drew provided was incredible.  To everyone who brought food for the reception - each plate represented love and support to us - we could not believe how much was there!  Kathy and Melissa - thank you for helping the day run so smoothly - you must have hearts so large to do the job you do.  To our immediate families, thank you - we love you so much.  You have no idea the difference you have made.  To our family and friends that came from out of town, thank you for communicating your love to us this way.  
To the nurses and hospital staff - we don't even know where to begin!  It makes me cry just thinking about how many of you were there to support us!!!  You all are beyond amazing.  You do so much more than your "jobs"!  If you have made such a difference in our lives, I can only imagine the number of people you must touch.  To Melanie and Jane especially, thank you for support.  To all the doctors involved over the last couple weeks, we appreciate the role you played in helping Drew and our family.  We know you always had Drew's best interest in mind - thank you for working so diligently with us to provide him the best care possible.  We especially want to thank Dr. Kirton who was Drew's primary doctor and neurologist.  Dr. Kirton went far above and beyond the call of duty - we could not possibly say thank you enough.  We will have to find a way to stay in touch with all those who cared for Drew - it feels like a part of our lives is missing without you all around.  Thank you.
We mentioned in the last post that if you were interested in making a donation in memory of Drew we would include that information.  Please consider: Alberta Children's Hospital : Metabolic Disease Program - Mitochondrial Research. It is and will be our prayer that some answers will be found that can help others.
We will be trying to post the slide show from Drew's memorial service on the blog in the next day or two.


shelly dahl said...

My family has been praying for you guys. Thank you for being a light even in this darkness you have faced. You are inspirational and Drew would be proud of both of you, I'm sure.

Shelly Dahl
(Friend of Laura and Kevin-we met at their wedding, you probably don't remember though)

TexasNeals said...

We are praying for y'all as you go through this. Drew is absolutely adorable and I know his short life was a blessing to many. Our hearts ache for you......

Billy and Stacey Neal

Anonymous said...

"Overwhelmed" indeed! Our family has been OVERWHELMED with your courage and strength through all this. We know you are getting tired of hearing about it, but you guys are truly amazing! Drew will always be loved and remembered by all of us. I never thought I could be so hurt by another brother & sister's pain, but the last 5 months have been heart-wrenching for Aisling and I as if Drew were our own! Again, our Earthly brains don't quite comprehend just how lucky little Drew is; to be in heaven, not having to go through any of life's much as WE would want him to with our short-sightedness?! Anyway, I know a new chapter begins for the Clark and Staples clans. We also know that while this ordeal will help define you guys for years to come, it is not your "definition". This is only one part of a great story to be written about Jordan, Kari & Peyton. And I can only hope that my family will continue to be a part of that story in some small way!!

We love you and continue to be here for you. (And sorry for the ramble, but I tend to write better than I speak.....maybe because I can think before I write)?!

Continuing to pray,


Shibu and Claudia said...

Thank you for sharing Drew with us...
We are so blessed and encouraged by your faith in Christ.

Greg said...

We love you guys and have had you in the front of our minds for the last few months. Your strength through this has been inspirational and obviously God-sent. We have been praying that He will continue to bless each of you.

Glenda, saved by grace said...

The Lord rejoices at the death of His saints.
The Lord completely healed your sweet Drew!
You guys are shining examples, even to people who dont know you!
God bless and keep you,

Aimee said...

I wish I had some perfect thing to say but I am at a loss. Everyone else has said it so wonderfully!
For such a small, sweet soul Drew (and his family) made a HUGE impact on so many. Thank you for sharing him and your beautiful words and heart with us.
You're all still in my thoughts and prayers.