Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Celebration of Drew's Heaven Birthday

September 28, 2009 - Miracle Beach, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Tears. Love. Sorrow. Joy. Ache. Gratefulness. Prayer. Desire.
God in all.
Love through all.

Peyton's idea - "for my Drew"

A heartfelt kiss for Drew bear - only a bear, but a representation of so much more. This is a replica of the bear that lay with Drew every night and lays with him still. I kiss the bear, not idolizing it, or thinking it could actually pose in some way as Drew, but as a way of capturing a moment where I can connect with my Heaven son. Drew, I miss you.

The strength of the Rock that holds my family.

The incredible healing touch of God through the life of a child - I'm forever grateful.

I never walk alone. Praise God!

I will love you forever Drew - you have left your handprint on my heart. My soul eagerly anticipates the day when I will get to see you again, by God's grace. Kisses for you Baby Boy.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures Kari. We thought of you often on that day.

Jason, Leigh-Ann and family

CB said...

Looks like a beautiful way to remember Kari. I am glad you had the chance to get away and do this with your family.

James said...

We miss Drew more than ever. What a beautiful day... a touching tribute... We love you guys.

erinlo said...

Sweet Kari- I am so glad you posted again. I have missed them! I have thought of you recently when I hear the new song by Steven Curtis Chapman- have you heard it? It's called "Heaven is a Face." I think about you and Drew and when you get to see him again every time I hear that song. What a sweet sweet day that will be!

For now (very selfishly I might add) I am so glad that you and your precious family are here with us. Jeff and I have come to love you all dearly. I am so so thankful for your friendship and what you teach me without even meaning to.

I love you!

Davis Family said...

May God bless you and your wounded heart. Love Roberta

Aisling said...

Kari, my beautiful beautiful friend. I cherish you & your open heart so much. You remind me always to be so thankful for what's precious in my life. I have seen your tears this week, but I have also seen your beautiful smile. I like your smile! :)

We love you, Jordan & Peyton and appreciate so much how you share your lives with us, and with the others that love you, through your friendship and through this blog.

Laura said...

Your pictures speak volumes and they couldn't be any more beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Oh you guys...when that day came to pass this year I had to stop and reflect on it all. Your family has touched so many people. I'll never forget Drew and all of you. Thank you...Jodie

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to remeber Drew. He must be so proud of his family as he sits watching with Jesus!

I hope this past weekend was an encouragement to you Kari. I know you were a blessing with your presence to this "girls-only" trip!


Bex said...

Thank you for sharing your day with us. Very thoughtful and I was thinking of you that day as well. Be blessed Clark family as you have blessed us.


Melinda said...

What a great day for your family to spend together in remembrance of Drew. I love the photos that captured it. Your family amazes me. Love to all.


Katrina Green said...

I was surfing blogger and ran across your blog....Beautiful, touching, inspirational...God bless you and your family!

Music_Soldier said...

Oh my gosh,
wonderful pics...

dorinda said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Sept 28 seems so long ago but I know for you each day is an eternity at times. I praise God for your continuing example and the strength it gives me. What a beautiful remembrance. Continue to feel through each day ahead and know that we are with you all the way!
Love, Dorinda

Melinda said...

just stopping by to say hello, Kari. I still think of you all and little Drew often. I hope your family is well.