Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's cold here!

After a week and a half in Denver, where one would figure the climate would be similar to Calgary's, I have to admit I am frustrated with Calgary's weather! This "summer" business really doesn't deserve to be called "summer." Either that, or we are not yet in summer, we are still in winter - oops, I meant spring. It's just plain old chilly here! Every day in Denver was over 85 degrees. Since we have been home, it's been 75 degrees tops here. If we are lucky. BRRRR! I love it here. I love it here. I love it here... I'm going to keep saying this in the hopes that I will remember why I like it here so much! I suppose my tune will change on the first warm (and sunny) day.

I have to share the reason for so many smiles in our attempt at a new normal. Peyton enjoys life to it's fullest every day of his life. He doesn't stop and contemplate how he is going to feel one day, or what the day will be like, nor does he plan everything to the nth degree - he just lives each single moment to the fullest potential of the moment. He is the best counselor we could have asked for to get through the difficult days, without even knowing we might be having a difficult day, and without knowing the impact he has. The video below is a perfect clip to capture the essence of Peyton, from the attempt to do such a man-sized job to the choice of clothing (with shorts on backwards so he can see the picture), and from the fearlessness over the bug to the tenderness shown to it. (All I have to say is it's a good thing we live in a place where most of the bugs are harmless!!!)

(I keep trying to load the video clip and blogger is having trouble with it - stay tuned... I will figure this out!)

Ok - sorry it took me so long! I kept trying to load it through blogger, only to see it try to load for 4 or 5 hours and then fail again, so I decided to get with the YouTube phase. It worked! I have to admit I am smiling a smile of success right now - and mocking myself at the same time - it was way too easy. I am going to have to get with this techno stuff if I want to keep up with Peyton! I hope it makes you smile like it did Jordan and I.

This is what brings perspective for me! I love every moment of watching this child grow!

Now for a Drew piece... I have to share the picture we captured the other day at Heritage Park. You could probably tell me there is an explanation for this effect, but please don't. I prefer to continue to think of Drew as my little sunbeam and am so overjoyed at every reminder of the beauty of my son-beam.


Anonymous said...

Kari...I tried to see the video and the picture...however I am technologically deficient :) I'm still reading and I kept the letter I found in Walter the Farting Dog. Thank you for that, I should slow down more often and look through things. Thanks for making me slow down!

Marcmo said...

Hey Kari

I couldn't see the video or picture either.

Looking forward to seeing them whenever you get the chance.


Andy, Kelli, Kaycee, and Haylee said... those pictures!! I don't think there is any explanation needed. I KNOW it's your little Drew beaming down reminding you of you him. I'm so glad you captured that memory.