Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home again, Home again... Jiggety Jig!

So Drew's not a fat pig as the rhyme goes, but he's eating and doing fairly well, so we are breaking him out of the hospital again!  (Away from the ironically pink and white striped pajamas they have for the wee ones there!)
His big brother is so excited to have us all home again!  He came up to Jordan and I in the kitchen and said, "I love you Mom.  I love you Dad.  I'm so glad to have you both again!"  Speaking of the phrases that make us smile lately, here's some of the latest and greatest from Peyton:
During bedtime snuggles ("nuggles" in Peyton-speak) with Mommy, "Mommy, you're beautiful.  Long pause.... (Mommy was basking in the moment) ... Grandma Marnie's beautiful.  Grammy Patti's beautiful.  Girls are beautiful.  But Daddy's not beautiful.  Daddy's handsome."
During bedtime prayers with Grandma while Drew and Mommy at hospital, "God, please make Drew better and please let Mommy come home (at which point he burst into tears - oh my aching heart!)."
Riding in the car with Grandma Marnie, "God, make Drew better so Drew and Mommy can come home please?"
Riding in the car with Drew and Lincoln, "Mommy, Drew is having one of his big shakes!" to which Mommy responded, "Ok, just tell him he'll be ok and help him."  He proceeded to pat Drew on the leg and make silly faces at him to try to get him to laugh, while telling him he would be ok.  (What an amazing big brother!)
Peyton's pronunciation of "hospital" = hostibal.
During a breakdown while washing hands with Mommy before a much-needed nap for Peyton, "Mommy, I miss you so much. sob sob I just miss you so much!"  Mommy said, "But I'm right here."  Peyton responded, "But you were gone for so long!"  Boy they are amazing.  As brave and strong as Peyton has been and as much as we have tried to maintain some "normalcy" for him, he is still just a kid who needs a lot of loving!  We are so blessed by these two boys!


Grandad and Grandad in Montana said...

Am I really beautiful????
Grandma in Montana loves ya'll real much. I'll be back soon--some people you just can't get rid of!

Nicole said...

This Blog is a terrific idea. I feel closer and more connected with your daily lives already.
I love you all real much!